Strategic and Key Research Facilities by types

Name of the facilityOwnerCountry
Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine DynamicsGraz University of TechnologyAustria
BD2ONERA/French MODFrance
CEPRA19 anechoic windtunnelONERA/French MODFrance
Climatic Wind Tunnel ViennaRTO Rail Tec Arsenal Fahrzeugversuchsanlage GmbHAustria
STARCS Compressor Test FacilitySTARCSSweden
DNW-HSTDNWThe Netherlands
DNW-LLFDNWThe Netherlands
DNW-LSTDNWThe Netherlands
DNW-SSTDNWThe Netherlands
European Transonic WindtunnelDEU, GBR, NLDGermany
F1ONERA/French MODFrance
GVPMPolitecnico di MilanoItaly
High-Speed Cascade Wind TunnelInstitute of Jet PropulsionGermany
Icing Wind Tunnel (IWT)Italian Aerospace Research Center (CIRA)Italy
Wind tunnel L-1von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI)Belgium
RUAG Large Wind Tunnel Emmen (LWTE)RUAG AviationSwitzerland
Low Speed Wind Tunnel BremenAIRBUS Operations GmbHGermany
5m Low Speed Wind TunnelQinetiQ PLCUnited Kingdom
PAG Icing Wind TunnelDGA Aero-engine testingFrance
S1MAONERA/French MODFrance
S2MAONERA/French MODFrance
S3MAONERA/French MODFrance
S4BONERA/French MODFrance
Transonic Wind TunnelAircraft Research Association LimitedUnited Kingdom

Name of the facilityOwnerCountry
Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine DynamicsGraz University of TechnologyAustria
A06DGA Aero-engine TestingFrance
Cellules ATD (Aerothermodynamics test benches)ONERAFrance
Isentropic Light Piston Cascade tunnel CT-3von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI)Belgium
Gas-Dynamic Test Facilities (GDTF)AIRBUS Operations GmbHGermany
Jet Engine Test FacilityInstitute of Jet PropulsionGermany
M1DGA Aero-engine TestingFrance
M1 test benchONERAFrance
Next Generation Turbine Test Facility (NG-Turb)DLR Institute of Propulsion TechnologyGermany
R6DGA Aero-engine TestingFrance
Low Reynolds number High Mach number Cascade facility S-1/Cvon Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI)Belgium
S1DGA Aero-engine TestingFrance
Turbojet Test FacilityInstituto Nacional de Técnica AeroespacialSpain

Name of the facilityOwnerCountry
C²A²S²E2 SupercomputerDLR / T-Systems SfRGermany

Name of the facilityOwnerCountry
Drop Tower (Fallturm)DLRGermany
Dynamic and Static test LabsVyzkumny a zkusebni letecky ustav, a.s. (VZLU)Czech Republic
Fundacion para la investigacion desarrollo y aplicación de materiales compuestos (FIDAMC)EADS (50%), CDTI-Ministery of Science and Innovation (25%), Madrid Regional Community (25%)Spain
Gas Guns Test FacilityDLRGermany
Large Aerospace Structures Impact Laboratory (LISA)Italian Aerospace Research Center (CIRA)Italy
Manufacturing Facility for Composite Material and ConstructionsNLRThe Netherlands
Test Facility for Constructions and MaterialsNLRThe Netherlands

Name of the facilityOwnerCountry
Construction facilities for mechanical precision productsNLRThe Netherlands
Irish Centre for Composite ResearchUniversity of LimerickIreland
Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI)University of LimerickIreland
National Composite CentreUnited Kingdom

Name of the facilityOwnerCountry
Centro De Experimentación De "El Arenosillo" - CEDEAInstituto Nacional De Técnica Aeroespacial - INTASpain
Cold Flow Turbine Test Facility "Polonia Aero"Avio AeroPoland
Manufacturing Technology CentreManufacturing Technology Centre LimitedUnited Kingdom
INTASpanish MoDSpain
UAV platformAndalusian Foundation for Aerospace DevelopementSpain
Wind Tunnel for Rotating CascadesDLRGermany